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The winners of the Wednesday Bonus Ball draw for 2019 are as follows:


15th May - 23 - Church

8th May - 59 - Church

1st May - 09 - Church

24th April - 42 -Henry H

17th April - 52 - Church

10th April - 30 - Lynn C

3rd April - 44 - Henry H

27th March - 27 - Church

20th March - 12 - Veronica

13th March - 17 - Church

6th March - 17 - Church

27th February - 16 - Katharine W

20th February - 48 - Brenda M

13th February - 55 - Church

6th February - 15 - John & Sandie T

30th January - 02 - Church

23rd January - 38 - Jeff W

16th January - 08 - Jo C

9th January - 18 - Pauline W

2nd January - 21 - Church


General Principles

  1. The PCC operates this scheme to raise funds for St Martin’s Church.
  2. Consistent with Schedule 5b of Statutory Instrument (2007) No 2328 of the Gambling Act 2005, the PCC obtains an annual Small Societies’ Lotteries Licence in order to operate the scheme. Breckland Council is the Licensing Authority.
  3. Players select numbers from those used in the National Lottery’s Lotto Wednesday draw. The player owning the Ball drawn as the Bonus Ball wins the cash prize.

Specific Rules

  1. Currently (January 2019) the charge for taking part is £1 per week, payable in advance for five weeks at a time (ie £5 per slot). Payments up to £50 will be accepted, but must be in multiples of £5.
  2. Currently (January 2019) the weekly cash prize is £30.
  3. Both the amount of the charge and of the weekly cash prize may be reviewed. If the PCC decides to change either, at least three months’ notice will be given, in writing to individuals, published in ‘The Waylander’ parish magazine and posted on St Martin’s church web site.
  4. If the charge is increased, any advance payment made before the date on which the increase was announced will be honoured for draws beyond the date at which the increase becomes effective. Advance payments made between the date on which the increase was announced and the date on which the increase becomes effective will need to be made pro rata to the old and new charges, as applicable.
  5. To be eligible, players must pay in advance for five weeks at a time, for up to 10 slots (50 weeks) ahead. A PCC member or a volunteer will contact players during the last week of the previous slot to arrange collection of the succeeding subscription.
  6. Only one player at a time can own any given number. Please note that if a subscription expires, the PCC may allow another player to own the ball.
  7. The PCC offers a cash prize every week for the winning ball. The prize will be delivered by hand to the owner of the winning ball, either by a volunteer known to all players or by the scheme manager. Winning owners are welcome to take the cash, use it to pay for further slots or to donate it to St Martin’s Church (the cash prize is not eligible for Gift Aid income tax reclaim).
  8. The scheme manager or a volunteer will check the results of every draw within two days of the draw taking place and will endeavour to contact the owner of any winning ball, to agree a mutually-convenient time to remit the cash prize.
  9. In order to operate the scheme effectively, the PCC will need to maintain a record of players’ information: forename initial, surname, postal address and a telephone number. Consistent with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the PCC will not use, or allow that record to be used, for any other purpose whatsoever except when legally required to do so by a duly authorised person acting in an official capacity (eg a member of Breckland Council Licensing Team). Players deciding to leave the scheme are asked to let the volunteer or scheme manager know, in advance if possible. The scheme manager will delete that player’s personal information from the records immediately after the last slot for which the individual had paid a subscription.
  10. These rules will be reviewed no less frequently than annually.


Jo Connolly

Katharine Wolstenholme

Churchwardens, St Martin’s Thompson

January 2019


St Martin’s Church, Thompson

Wednesday Bonus Ball Lottery


We have a few spare lottery numbers and wonder if you would consider joining.


How it works


  • You pick one of the available lottery numbers
  • You pay £1.00 a week to be in the lottery
  • The money is collected at the start of every 5 week period. You may pay for multiple 5-week blocks at any one time
  • If your number is the winning bonus ball in the Wednesday national lottery draw, you win £30
  • You will be notified if you have won. Winners may take their cash prize, use it to pay for further slots or donate it to St Martin’s Church. If you wish to take your cash prize, your winnings will be delivered through your letter box
  • Winners are listed in The Waylander each month


When all of the available lottery numbers are subscribed to, the lottery generates around £1,500 per year (after winnings have been paid out). This goes towards the upkeep of St Martin’s and is not used to support the worship.


The church does not receive any financial support from the Diocese and has to maintain the fabric of the building, including repairs, insurance, upkeep of the grounds, grass cutting, mole catching, maintenance of gardening equipment etc.


If you are interested in joining the Bonus Ball Lottery please contact


Katharine Wolstenholme

College Farm, College Farm Lane, Thompson IP24 1QG


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Contact us

If you would like more information about the renovations or would like to discus making a donation then please write to The Treasurer St Martin's Church, c/o College Farm, Thompson, Thetford IP24 1QG, get in touch by phone on 01953 483.318 or fill in the form below.

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