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In May 2017 Revd. Adrian Bell from Swaffham was appointed by the Bishop of Lynn as our Interim part-time Parish Priest until a new Priest in Charge can be appointed in 2020.

Adrian can be contacted on 01760.627.037 or by email on 

Adrian is available when required but usually tries to have Monday off. It is helpful to telephone or email him first to make an appointment to see him, but he always tries to make himself available in an emergency.

Adrian & his wife Marian are here to serve and care for us all and he is always pleased to visit people and attend occasions. If you want a visit please let him know.

Other contact details are:


Katharine Wolstenholme  01953,483.318


Henry Hardiment  01953.488.911

Key Holder:

The church us usually open from about 9am to dusk, but if the church is locked please ring our keyholder, Pam Spacey, on 01953.483.711


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